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art_safari_elephant I guess I should start by telling you what I do and go from there- I work as an ER Nurse on the 11a-11p shift which is the busiest time of day in an ER. That kind of gives you a good idea of my personality. I am extremely lively, always happy, and I smile for no reason at all. In my spare time, I am a substitute school nurse, and I am also in an improv group. When I am not working, I am spending time with my amazing husband Nick, whom I cannot imagine my life without. I love to knit, but above all, I LOVE to read. My earliest memories are of my mother and I walking to the library and checking out the max number of childrens books and reading them together. When I was younger, I read books to escape my life. Now I read to enrich my life. I hope to someday pass on the love of books and reading to my own children, and I am a firm believer in encouraging reading at an early age. I hope I didn’t ramble for too long, and that you were able to follow my trail of thoughts- I tend to apply ER mentality to everything in my life. ooh, look, a butterfly…

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On June 28, 2009
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