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Have a Little Faith.


My husband and I audio booked this one on a long trip down to South Jersey to visit some of our friends. We love listening to stories on long car rides- it makes it feel like a lot shorter ride when you take your mind off of the driving.

We were both very skeptical about this one at first- not only was it by Mitch Albom, an author whose book The Five People You Meet in Heaven was not one of my favorites, in fact, I didn’t like it much at all. But he was also writing about religion in this book- a subject that both my husband and I are not too keen on. In fact, one of the other religious books I picked up to listen to on another long car ride was so not his style that we drove without a book instead of listening to that one.

So we were not sure what we were in for.

We were both pleasantly surprised! This is the story about how one man, Mitch, is able to learn about another man’s life, enough to give the Eulogy at his funeral upon his death. It is a beautifully written and heartfelt story about the hardships of life and how to overcome almost any obstacle that may be placed in our way.

We both enjoyed it so much that neither one of us wanted to wait to finish listening to it. (For your information, I let him finish it first. Yeah, I love him that much)

Pick up this book, or get the audio version of it- you will not be disappointed.


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