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A Surgeon’s Perspective.


I am not sure if you all know this, but I am an emergency room nurse by trade. I do not mention it often, for it is my “other” obsession- helping people. I love to read other people’s takes on the profession of medicine- whether it be from a nurse, a medical student, or, in this case, a practicing surgeon.

I do believe that as a medical professional, it is important to make your patients have full confidence in your skills. However, there is a fine line between medicine and miracle. We cannot perform miracles- no matter what you may think, we are still human.

I sometimes feel that we are trying to play god- we keep people alive by breathing for them with ventilators, we keep their blood pressure up with medications and we keep them alive.

This book portrays the profession of surgery accurately and with much depth. We cannot perform miracles- and only some of the time are we able to fix everything. The only thing that we can hope for is that we do no harm- only good. The author no longer works as a surgeon in a hospital, which she portrays as a never ending merry go round with patients constantly needing help coming through the revolving doors.

There have been many times that I, myself, wonder why I still work in an emergency room, where, as I like to tell my husband, I hardly get a chance to sit down for more than 5 seconds without having to perform another life saving task, let alone go to the bathroom. It is a very, very hard job, but I get such a good feeling at the end of a long shift in which I have changed people’s lives.


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