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Still Life… With Chickens.

stilllifeI LOVED this book!

So much that I went out and got her next one as well- and I can’t wait to read it!

This author had such an amazing way of writing that made me feel like I was living her life along with her. I felt that I would go into the bathroom and see chickens keeping warm!

I rented this book from the library initially because I was in the marriage section looking for the book A Year of Yes, and I looked over and found this book. Don’t ask me why it was in the marriage section- it has little to do with being married.

But I picked it up because it was my idea first! I wanted to write a book about my year on the farm- how amazing it is to live with chickens, not only the fresh eggs but their personalities to!

I am soo glad that I found this book because it made me smile.

I will let you know when I finish her next book!


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