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Yellow Ribbon Program Agreement

(d) agreements. VA will enter into an agreement with an eligible IHL in the United States who wishes to participate in the Yellow Ribbon program based on a general contract format developed by VA that IHL must approve – (ii) for each sub-element of the institution (i.e., college or vocational school). The maximum amount set for each sub-element of IHL applies to all programmes and disciplines proposed under that sub-element. c) eligible IHL. This program is only available in the IHL in the United States or at a branch of IHL outside the United States. The Yellow Ribbon Program (YSP) is structured to take effect once an eligible participant has reached the maximum post-9/11 private lessons for an academic year. The VA academic year applies to courses starting on August 1st or between August 1st and July 31st. Once the maximum post-9/11 private tuition fee is reached, the academic school will pay YRP funds and will also be doubled by the VA until the dollar amount specified by the academic program. When you apply to the Yellow Ribbon program, you decide in which VA GI billing year you want to start using the benefits of the Yellow Ribbon. Depending on the VA GI billing year you choose, your Yellow Ribbon application is valid for that VA academic year and until you have completed your studies at the UA or are no longer eligible for DE VA Education achievements.

To receive the benefits of the Yellow Ribbon program, you must participate in an approved program offered by a college participating in the Yellow Ribbon program. (b) Authorized persons. This program is only available to individuals who are eligible for the 100% education support rate (based on benefit requirements) as set out in the table to section 21.9640(a), or for their designated dependants who apply transferred under section 21.9570 and are undergoing training in an eligible IHL. Newly admitted AU students who meet the basic eligibility criteria must apply before the end of the year of the VA GI bill during which they wish to use the benefits. The VA academic year is reset every August 1st. Current Yellow Ribbon recipients do not need to re-apply unless you change your curriculum (BA/BS to MA/MS, etc.). (g) public relations. The most up-to-date list of colleges and universities participating in the Yellow Ribbon program will be available on VA`s GI Bill website at

The list contains specific information about each school`s agreement with VA. Schools can limit the amount of instruction they give up, the number of students they give up teaching for, and the specific programs they choose to participate in the Yellow Ribbon program. You can search for Yellow Ribbon Schools on the Department of Veterans Affairs` IM Bill website at or search for a complete list of participating schools on the following pages. .

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