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What Can You Put In A Custody Agreement

Unmoiled parents who have custody of their child may receive family allowances. As with married couples, child support is determined based on the income of both parents and the amount needed to properly care for a child. An exception to this standard would be if a non-biological parent adopts the child. When another party adopts a child, the biological parent`s financial obligations to that child end. How far can you get away from one another? In situations where parents have shared physical custody, it is common to see a mileage limit in a custody agreement. How does a move affect the details of the exchange previously set out in the agreement? It is possible to have different combinations of guard. How much in advance should one parent inform the other of a move? A common theme in custody agreements is that each parent must notify the other parent as well as the court of a change of address 30 days in advance. I would add that a third party can be designated by both parents for the exchange. I knew it would be a problem for me to pick up SK. I would also be very specific, up to the address where the exchange will take place. You should also consider how long the other parent will wait before the visit expires if the receiving parent is late. A section on medical decisions and information sharing should be included outlining how to resolve conflicts when parents disagree on diagnosis or treatment.

Some parents give a medical opinion of “breach of equality”, for example.B. the parent who disagrees can consult a second doctor of his choice. If the opinion of this professional differs from the first, a third professional can be consulted. (I most often hear that this is a problem in children with ADHD and one parent wants medication and the other doesn`t.) My husband sends a summary of all medical visits to BM so that both parents have this information. Unfortunately, it is not reciprocal. He would have included it in the educational plan for continuity of care. In addition, both parents should be informed of parent-teacher meetings whenever the school contacts the other parent with concerns, etc. Here are some other useful provisions for your agreement: The extended weekend housing plan allows your child to spend the week with one of the parents and a long weekend with the other parent.


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