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Uganda Tenant Agreement

the lessee has transferred his interest in the building or premises or sublet all or part of the property without the agreement of the lessor; any rent legally due by the lessee has not been paid or any other lease obligation, to the extent that it is compatible with this Act, has been broken or not fulfilled; Amongi congratulated lawmakers on the passage of the law, which was first debated in 2012 and subject to consultations with landlords, tenants and developers. If you are a landlord and you are your tenant, you are tired of my presence or you intend to use the building for something other than housing, you must notify me 6 months in advance…. It will resolve the issue of informal settlements that have dominated the real estate sector for a long time. Uganda`s Supreme Court has pragmatically examined the relationship between landlord and tenant by denouncing the arbitrary use of force by a landlord to confiscate a tenant`s wallet and block premises for alleged non-payment of rent without a written rental agreement or court order. Any person, whether or not the owner of the property, who rents or receives a sum of money other than that of the rental or subletting of an immovable or residential complex to a person, whether the application, invitation or receipt takes place before or after the granting of a lease, commits an offence and is liable to a fine of not more than ten thousand shillings or to imprisonment for up to six months, either to a fine and to imprisonment; with the exception that a person who acts in good faith as an intermediary for one of the parties to a proposed lease is entitled to an appropriate commission for his services. For the purposes of point (f) of paragraph 1, in all cases where it can be shown that a lessee was established after 30 On 1 September 1954, he himself had a dwelling house or land built or entered into free possession or, if he would have wished, having been able to access such free property, then alternative housing is considered available for him.. . .

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