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Trash Valet Service Agreement

The days when piles of unsightly garbage were left in the backyard and blushing vehicles in the forest are long gone. Today, at all levels of the socio-economic pyramid, citizens expect access to waste disposal effortlessly. Unfortunately, municipal services in the service department are sometimes too short. In many cases, privatized waste disposal is a valid alternative. If you don`t mind getting your hands dirty, a Valet Trash Pickup Venture can be extremely profitable. I can`t afford a full-time salesperson and I can`t be that person because of my full-time job. But every opportunity I have, I go out and try to meet managers. I thought about sending direct mail, but I wasn`t sure what to put on. Or who to send it to. I am looking for information to help me make a deal.

I want to serve 10,000 units over the next 10 years. .

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By Melephant
On October 12, 2021
At 3:48 am
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