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To Expedite Ratification Of This Agreement

At the opening of the 13th Extraordinary African Summit of African Heads of State and Government, President Edgar Lungu announced that Zambia had approved the ratification of the trade agreement and was currently waiting for Parliament to reach 47. Please vote `yes` so that we can adopt this agreement. 47. In order to speed up the adoption of this agreement, we ask you to vote `yes`. In an interview with phoenix business, Kalobi stressed that speeding up the ratification process is essential for Zambia, as trade agreements offer many trade opportunities for Zambia. 2. In order to speed up the ratification of the agreement, we ask you to vote yes/ An economic and financial adviser, Kingford Kalobi, has asked Parliament to speed up the ratification of the agreement on the African Continental Free Trade Area. M. Kalobi is confident that once in force, the trade agreement will expand Zambia`s trade base, thus promoting the diversity of the country`s exports.

. . . Rework the following sentences to use plain language and familiar words. 50. As you wish, we will question our agent. . 4. The bankers were interrogated after the robbery, but there was no solid evidence. While I don`t want to do the work for you, I`ll explain what the job is: replacing words we wouldn`t normally use in everyday language with words we would use. For example, replacing salary with salary….

5. The researchers conducted dialogues with individual students on campus, but subsequent group interviews proved sterile. 49. Did you notice the braking problem after the recall date? 3. Although the remuneration seems low, it is well compared to other remuneration packages. . 48. Your superior told me that you intended to terminate the contract. 49. Did the braking problem occur as a result of our recall efforts? 46. The salary we offer is reasonably behind the remuneration of other officers. 48.

In a dialogue with the manager, I learned that you were planning to terminate our contract. 1. The author tried to hide the problem with superfluous and superfluous data. 50. At your invitation, we will interview our agent. . . .

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