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Teesta Water Sharing Agreement Upsc

@Mrunal sir, could you elaborate on the current terms of the water-sharing agreement between Bangladesh and India? In 2015, the Indian Prime Minister`s visit to Dhaka gave birth to expectations to advance the problem, but it has still not been resolved. However, in India, some states have considerable influence on cross-border agreements, which hinders the political decision-making process. Bangladesh was striving for a fair and equitable distribution of teesta`s waters from India, along the model of the 1996 Ganges Water Treaty. India and Bangladesh have long engaged in a dispute over water sharing in the teesta. But problem not solved, because Bangladesh wanted to share on an equal footing. Teesta is the vital artery of North Bengal and nearly half a dozen districts of West Bengal depend on the waters of Teesta. Teesta River has become an important factor in the relations between India and Bangladesh. What are the obstacles to the proper implementation of the river water sharing agreement and what are the possible consequences for India-Bangladesh relations? What could be the possible solutions? Negotiations have been under way since 1983 on water supply. Sir, I am very grateful to you. .

I am very much a beneficiary of your knowledge exchange program, even though I am new to your site. The dispute over the Teesta River makes headlines whenever there is a bilateral conversation between India and Bangladesh. The dispute concerns the division of the Teesta River with water. Bangladesh wants a larger proportion than it does today. Currently, its share is lower than that of India. This article gives a comprehensive overview of the dispute over the sharing of river waters, a chronology of different commissions formed, alternative solutions proposed, etc. How do we measure the sharing of water from the river and if Bangladesh is looking for more water, why can`t India claim the same? Write a brief note about the geography of the Teesta River and why the division of its waters between India and Bangladesh became a dispute. In addition to the current tensions, Bangladesh is now discussing a nearly $1 billion loan from China for a vast management and restoration project on the Teesta River. Topics covered: India and its neighbourly relations. According to the 2013 Asian Foundation report, the flood zone covers about 14% of the total cultivated area in Bangladesh and provides direct livelihoods for about 73% of the population.

. ~265 words. (counts a, &,, etc.) Visit for entire list articles on diplomacy and international relations (IR) for Main GS2 UPSC Civil Service IAS/IPS audit paper. Note: West Bengal and Sikkim however refused an interim agreement, since then the agreement has been frozen and has not been signed due to West Bengal`s objections. . Bangladesh`s talks with China come at a time when India is particularly cautious about China after the standoff in Ladakh. ^Okay, that`s until 2011. Why is the topic in the news in 2014? BIMSTEC Summit in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.

Mohan assured Haseena of the early conclusion of the Teesta agreement….

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