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Supplier Quality Agreement Templates

Process or product validation is a good example of how manufacturers and suppliers can work together. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that validation is performed correctly, regardless of who actually performs the validation. The manufacturer must at least prove that he has verified and accepted the validation documents. The manufacturer and the supplier should therefore have a mutually agreed process for carrying out process assessments, assessing changes and determining when a new validation should be carried out. Responsibilities related to these tasks should be assigned. Betty Lane has over 20 years of experience in medical device quality assurance and regulatory affairs. It has set up or updated quality systems for many small and medium-sized medical device and diagnostic companies. Their work allows companies to manage their operations in accordance with fda and ISO 13485 requirements and thus enable the global sale of their products. His background in the digital system allowed him to facilitate software design controls and validation as it became FDA and industry requirements. Supplier quality assurance agreements (QAAs) can play a crucial role in helping companies not only show regulators that they are properly controlling their suppliers, but also show that they are informed and aware of what their suppliers are doing. Manufacturers of all types of medical devices are responsible for the product they manufacture and sell. However, more and more companies are outsourcing all or part of their production or other operations.

Regulatory and certification bodies therefore ensure that companies selling the product have sufficient knowledge and control of their suppliers to ensure that the products are safe and meet the requirements required of them. This article discusses why supplier agreements are desirable and sometimes even necessary, which suppliers should have supplier quality agreements and what should be included in such agreements. Conversely, a delivery contract describes how the supplier promises to deliver all the goods or services indicated over a specified period of time and at what cost. It also includes the buyer`s obligations as to when and how the goods are purchased. The supply agreement facilitates the management of cooperation between companies, removes ambiguities and provides the framework for how goods and services are ordered and delivered. The Notified Body Operations Group (NBOG) is an organisation that provides European notified bodies with guidelines on how to audit a specific requirement, in this case the requirement to inspect suppliers according to ISO 13485. In other words, if you need a European notified body to audit your ISO 13485 implementation, it will look for it. Therefore, medical device manufacturers should use these two documents in the design of their supplier control program. This article specifically addresses quality agreements, one of the concerns of these guidance documents. Quality agreements can go a long way in demonstrating the type of control manufacturers have over their suppliers and can also be extremely useful for manufacturers…

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