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bonkI audio booked this one while driving to work, and after the first CD, I realized that my husband would also like to read this book, so I saved the rest for our drive up to Boston one weekend for PAX East.

This book was very, um, informative, to say the least. Of course, right when my husband starts listening, they start talking about the mating habits of animals and artificially inseminating sows. Fun, huh? I bet you that he thought I was some kind of freak, listening to a book about the mating habits of farm animals. But then it got interesting again.

I enjoyed this book, and I also enjoyed the authors writing style. It was kind of just there. It wasn’t pretentious or know it all, just kinda like a conversation with a friend may be.

I am interested in reading Stiff, her other novel, soon.


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By Melephant
On April 24, 2010
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