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State Farm Select Service Program Agreement

(Spokesperson: female voice) Using Select Service is simple. If you decide to use a repair shop in the program, a State Farm representative can help you over the phone, or you can use an even faster option, go online to explore the stores near you at your leisure. If you are mechanically broken, need a vehicle glass repair or replacement, or suffer other unexpected damage, you have the option to choose a garage of your choice. “If I can`t calculate them enough for contractions, I`ll beat them for pieces.” Not so fast. The agreement also provides that your spare parts must be charged at the lowest price offered to another owner or insurer. If State Farm has an agreement with a spare parts supplier that would give them a better price, you are required to use that supplier. And if it`s a recycled portion, your markup percentage is limited to the lowest premium you offer to others. They have to admit that they are meticulous when they write these contracts. (Spokesperson: female voice) Use the new claim email you received or log in to your State Farm account to select your repair shop. There are two main requirements that have not changed since the start of the pilot program: that State Farm get the lowest prices offered to each insurer and that its customers be prioritized.

To use a workshop that is not included in our Select service program, contact a harmful partner at 800-SF-Claim800-SF Claim (800-732-5246). You are free to choose repairers who do not have an agreement with State Farm®. Not all repairers charge the same amount for vehicle repairs. You may be responsible for any amounts that have not been agreed by State Farm. This may include, among other things, storage fees and rental fees. Among the companies participating in the pilot program that respond to the survey, optimism is divided about the positive future impact of the program on their activities. Only 12.5 percent thought it would be better, 43.8 percent who now work under the new rules thought the program would not be better for their business. An equal amount was undecided. • State Farm may require stores to purchase reporting services from an independent vendor selected by State Farm to make it easier for them to compare the performance of different stores in the same area. “The overall changes to the program will allow State Farm to continue to help customers recover from the unexpected while supporting our direction of a performance-based repair program,” said Avery. .

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