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Sample Of Collective Agreement

Read also: The collective agreement means considerable benefits The collective agreement ensures the correct evolution of wages. It is an agreement on minimum wages and general wage increases, which form the basis of the wage system for office workers. In addition, you can negotiate your personal salary increases. Normally, the first step in the collective bargaining process is to organize as a group of workers recognized by the employer and to develop a series of proposals that will be submitted to the employer as the basis for a collective agreement. The process of developing a proposal that must be presented on behalf of the workers is a delicate process in which great diligence must be exercised, as it must guarantee the element of “collectivity” while maintaining the expected benefits. Collective bargaining is one of the main approaches to resolving disputes and maintaining the well-being of the social partners in industrial circles. This is normally a long-term process and aims to reach a long-term agreement between the parties. However, the method still faces many problems and problems. After checking the CBAs we collected, we found that a considerable number of CBAs replicated the provisions of labor legislation instead of removing their starting point from the law. As a result, BCAs do not provide the parties – especially staff – with the expected benefits. We are convinced that it is not voluntary for parties to agree to replicate laws, it is incapable of formulating such provisions that are feasible in their situation, and nevertheless a few steps above the law. The challenge is exacerbated by a high level of confidentiality, with several priorities for working on their agreements concluded. Those with low ability cannot learn from their competent colleagues.

The model CBA should simplify this process and allow the parties to develop and agree on the best CBA, the one that offers beyond the legal provisions. You can get more detailed information about the collective agreement from your trusted agent or from Pro`s employee counsel. In possible cases of conflict, pro members can contact the trusted man and the council of the union`s employees. In addition, some agreements may have a fixed expiry date, until which another round of negotiations will take place. The collective bargaining system can therefore be seen as an ongoing process. .

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