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Wvu Service Agreement

If the order requirement has been properly approved and budgetary resources are available, the WVUP purchasing office or an approved P card holder completes the authorized purchase and acquires the requested goods or services. Any request for a maintenance contract for equipment must be submitted to the point of purchase for attribution. Brand, model, serial number, status inventory tag number (if any) and all other relevant information must be provided. Payment for maintenance services is only made late and based on service delivery. If the agreement is indicated, payments can be made at regular intervals when maintenance is carried out. West Virginia University in Parkersburg has a central purchasing service and a centralized shipping and receiving function to support the purchase of goods, services, agreements and other purchase requests. Functions include purchasing, receiving, delivering, checking inventory and supervising the college purchase card program. These procedures implement the Governing Council`s E-42 policy and the state`s procurement rules. A purchase made without the prior authorization of the purchaser or his agent is an unauthorized purchase and may be the personal responsibility of the person who made the purchase.

The Vice President of Finance and Administration or the Chief Procurement Officer are the only persons authorized by the President to enter into and manage contracts and make written decisions regarding West Virginia University in Parkersburg. This restriction applies to ALL goods and services, including preview requests, subscriptions, subscriptions, maintenance calls, etc. The Vice President of Finance – Administration or the Chief Procurement Officer may delegate this skill to purchase card holders, within the individual limits of their purchase card, to purchase card holders. However, the final review of purchases is still the responsibility of the Vice-President in charge of finance and the administration and the supreme head of public procurement. Each request for an order of more than $3,000 must contain proof of competitive price comparison. WVUP`s sales department is responsible for helping teachers and staff obtain the required price offers and ensuring that WVUP gets the best possible price for the goods and services it buys. In addition, each order request of more than $3,000 is verified by the Vice President of Finance and Administration or his representative to verify the adequacy and availability of the budget. The Vice President of Finance and Administration will document his audit by signing the order request.

Exceptions to this requirement apply where the seller has an active state contract with the State of WV or a university whose contract extends to all WV universities. In this case, the state contract number must be written on the order request. (A list of negotiated contracts is available online at Any purchase request received by the purchasing department and not complying with the minimum requirements is referred directly to the supervisory authority for completion and may result in delayed orders. A document expressing the willingness of the parties to participate in a project that is usually presented before a subcontracting agreement. Almost all purchases of goods or services require delivery before invoices are paid. However, there are certain situations where prepayment may be allowed before items are received. Emergency purchases may be authorized by the Director of Business Services or the Vice-President of Financial Administration in the event of a public health hazard, welfare or safety, or to deal with good faith emergencies due to unforeseen causes such as natural disasters, acts of God, strikes or work stoppages, and delays in transportation, provided that these emergency purchases are made with competition, as is the case in the present circumstances.

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