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Star Wars Agreement

Other early threats to the peace agreement were The Jedi Knight Aryn Leneer, who went to Coruscant while he was still busy to avenge his master Ven Tsallov. Zallov had been murdered in the Jedi temple of Dark Malgus, which was ultimately a threat to the treaty regime. The Sith Lord believed in destroying the Republic in its entirety, and regarded the Alderaan Accords as a perversion of the truest purpose of the Empire – war. The Order of the Jedi averted a catastrophe with Leneer by hating her before she could reach the planet; Malgus saw it as a betrayal that did not resemble him when he thought he had suffered at the hands of an empire that now focuses on peace. As such, the Sith Lord defeated the Jedi, but allowed him to go freely. Later, he began a personal crusade against the Sithian politicians who supported the Treaty of Coruscant[3] while building his own power base in the unknown regions of the galaxy. [14] Although they were directly allied with the Empire during the Great Galactic War, the clans of Mandalorian warriors experienced a fracture of opinion after the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. [4] After the death of the boy`s mandalores, Artus, his assassin, rose to take Mandalore`s coat. [9] Although he distinguished himself from his predecessor by the fact that he was not only a puppet of the Imperial Secret Service, Artus decided to maintain the Mandalorian alliance with the Empire, but with more prudence and sovereignty. At the beginning of his reign, the new Mandalore was challenged by Jicoln Cadera, an emerging warrior who believed that clans should change their loyalty and support the Galactic Republic in its ideological war with the Empire.

Artus prevailed against Cadera`s crusader schism, won the title of Vindicated Mandalore and ensured that his people remained in the good graces of the Sith as well-paid mercenaries. [10] However, over the next decade, Mandalorian warriors throughout the galaxy gradually lost the respect of their imperial employers, some, including Roggar Den on Tatooine, igniting the Treaty of Coruscant as evidence of the Empire`s manifest indifference to the Great War and the Sith`s inability to act against the mandates of their politicians. [33] Under the Treaty of Coruscant, the Galactic Senate adopted its signature as a new dating standard, the years preceding the contract being called BTC or “Before the Treaty of Coruscant” and years after its designation ATC or “According to the Treaty of Coruscant.” [2] The peace agreement finally failed and in 2000 the Sith empire no longer existed. [23] In 1986, Carl Sagan summed up what he heard from Soviet commentators about SDI, with a common argument that it was an economic war through a defensive arms race to continue crippling the Soviet economy with additional military spending, while another interpretation was that it served as a disguise for the U.S. desire to inseplay a first blow against the Soviet Union. [71] The treaty divided the galaxy in two and demanded that all Republican and Jedi forces withdraw from the open conflict with the Empire and that the Senate cede a number of marginal worlds to the Sith.

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