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Seiu Contract Agreement

Contracting Out. The university will not award work that results in the dismissal of the collective agreement unit staff employed prior to the execution or renewal of the contract. The university will make available to the Union thirty (30) calendar days before the implementation of a contract authorized by this article. This summary was prepared after ratification, so please refer to the main PDF contract (above) for the most current version of the contract. 9.6. Changing the posting notification. The employer undertakes to give a worker at least 14 (14) calendar days in the event of a permanent change in the worker`s shift work plan or work plan, managed by the employer. In the event of a temporary change in the assignment of work during the employee`s assignment, the employer provides notice of two (2) calendar days from the date of notification which constitutes the first day of dismissal. For reasons of urgency, lack of work, security risk for the worker or others, or agreement between employer and worker in accordance with Article 10.2, point e), the employer may temporarily change a worker`s schedule with less than two (2) calendar days per calendar day.

The duration is defined as not greater than one (1) week. During negotiations on the 2019-2021 succession agreement, the parties agreed to pay the parity table according to the schedule: Pay Table Parity effective July 1, 2019. Step 1: Supervisor, Manager or Designee. If the problem is not resolved informally, the Union may file a written complaint with the superior or the agent and the Office of Labour Relations ( The employer refers to a supervisor, officer or delegate who personally meets with a union delegate and/or a staff representative and the afflicted by telephone. The date of the merger is agreed upon within 15 calendar days of receipt of the complaint and, if possible, the meeting will take place within the 15 calendar days mentioned above. The format (face-to-face or telephone) for the meeting is done by mutual agreement. The employer will respond in writing to the Union within 15 calendar days following the meeting. The human resources advisor can also participate if the university wishes. If the complaint is directed against the employee`s direct supervisor, the complaint may be referred to the immediately higher level of supervision.

In the event that the employee`s direct supervisor is not empowered to resolve the complaint, the complaint is presented at the level set by the employer. During negotiations for the 2019-2021 succession agreement, the parties agreed on the following increases in hiring and retention salaries for the Advanced Cardiac Technologists series: what is included here is the main contract for janitors and landlords, which covers about 40,000 workers in New York. Almost all Home expectant contracts are the same, but members should consult their own CBA. The procedural aspects of the staff performance assessment process are only saddened by Stage 2 of the appeal process. Procedural aspects include allegations of violations of this treaty or university policy. Disagreement over the supervisory marks attributed to a particular staff member is not dismal and is corrected by the acts described in paragraph 34.4. During negotiations on the 2019-2021 succession agreement, the parties agreed on the following regarding surgical technologists at Harborview in the WFSE Harborview Bargaining Unit and uw Medical Center in SEIU 925 Healthcare Professional/Laboratory Technical Bargaining Unit. Hearings. The Auditor-Advisor conducts quarterly hearings, unless no appeal has been filed or the parties agree to open appeals.

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