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How do they think?

howdoctorsthingI audio booked this one while also reading The Soul of Medicine, so I was pretty much engrossed in the field of medicine for the week.

This book was very informative- it made me question how medical professionals decide how to treat a patient and why we chose one treatment plan over another. Why do we treat someone one way and another patient with a very similar disease differently? Why do some doctors swear by one antibiotic over another very similar antibiotic for the same pneumonia?

As an emergency room nurse, I work with some of the best doctors and get to see many different patients on a daily basis. I notice from time to time that the way a patient presents often changes how we treat them. Some things are run of the mill, but if there is a patient that comes in requesting something, the doctor feels like he is more or less pushed into a corner to perform that test. Whereas if that same patient came in and just gave the doctor the symptoms of their disease, they might choose a different diagnostic study which may easily diagnose their problem.

This book also made me question how I treat different patients depending on how they present to me. Do I treat the psychiatric patient differently than I treat the CHF patient? Do I treat the chronic pain patient different that I treat the kidney stone patient? Do my prejudices get in the way of my care? This book raised some very interesting questions for me.

The author makes us aware that doctors are not all knowing, and sometimes they misdiagnose and miss things just like everyone else does in their own lives. It was a very eye opening book, and I really enjoyed it.


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