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Nisga`a Final Agreement Appendices

CONSIDERING that Canadian courts have held that the best way to achieve this reconciliation is to negotiate and obtain agreements, rather than being the subject of litigation or conflict; 10.4 If a dispute is not resolved within 15 days of the date of the appointment of the mediator or another time frame agreed by the parties, the dispute is referred to a single arbitrator in accordance with the BCICAC arbitration settlement and ultimately settled by arbitration. 9. Notwithstanding Section 8, a party is not required to disclose or disclose to the Commission information that the party is not required to disclose in the context of arbitration or legal proceedings relating to the disagreement. 34. The neutral AIPN`s section 33 decision is final and cannot be challenged. 2. Mediation begins from the date on which the parties directly involved in the dispute have given written consent to the mandate or have been agreed in accordance with the mediation provided for in paragraph 24 of the chapter. 10.7 Arbitration is subject to the Code of Trade Arbitration, which is mentioned in the Commercial Arbitration Act (Canada), and except in the Code of Trade Arbitration, the disposition and allocation of arbitration is final and binding on both parties. 20. Within 15 days of the appointment of a neutral evaluator, each party must provide the other parties and the neutral evaluator with a written statement taking into account disagreements, including facts on which the parties agree or disagree, as well as copies of documents, insurance and sworn exhibits on which the party relies. 3. The Minister responsible for administering the Finance Administration Act is authorized to enter into an agreement amending the tax treaty and may sign the amending agreement before or after its approval by the Deputy Governor of the Council. 36.

The parties may, by way of agreement in the panel`s mandate in Section 14, limit the application of Sections 37 to 42 in a reference. This agreement is now witnessing that, given the $1.00 amounts that each party now paid to each of the other parties, the parties agree on the adequacy that each party hereskly recognizes and, taking into account even more the mutual covenants and arrangements set out in it, the parties agree: 16.

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