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Legal Aid Society Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019

On Friday, our 224 members of the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) ratified a two-year treaty in which 86% of members voted and 98% voted yes. The contract includes salary increases, a ratification bonus, retro salaries, only cause protection and claim procedures, frozen health insurance premiums for the first year, heavily improved sheets, job security, health and safety, etc. and a contractual committee on issues of race, diversity, justice and inclusion. ALAA represents all NYLAG staff, including financial advisors, development and administration staff, paralegales and lawyers. We thank the Office of Civil Justice for holding this meeting and for giving our union the opportunity to testify. My name is Jared Trujillo and I am president of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys (UAW Local 2325), a union of more than 2,100 legal employees in 17 different legal organizations in New York. Together with the Legal Services Staff Association (UAW Local 2320), we represent the majority of city-funded housing employees. Employees of Catholic Migration Services, a non-profit organization in the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens, were quickly recognized as a union by CMS Management and will soon negotiate a first contract. The 30 workers, including lawyers, counselors, administrators, organizers and para-collegeers, provide free legal aid to low-income communities in Brooklyn and Queens on housing, immigration and employment practices. Since September 28, our local has 7 COVID stores – 19 homes, 14 members… 2 of which were hospitalized.

We have all suffered so much pain and sacrifice, let us not waste what we have done together to greatly reduce the spread and infections. Investigators and interpreters, some of the last non-unionized employees of the Legal Aid Society, teamed up earlier this year to create a union with the UAW, which was quickly recognized by the company`s management. The 90 investigators and interpreters and the ALAA Joint Council then voted on applications approving the merger of the two unions. Investigators and interpreters will form a full chapter of the ALAA. “…/opinion-lives-hang-in-the-balanc…/… Happy Birthday to ALAA Advise Allyson Belovin!! From the struggle for our members when they strike, contract assistance, the new organization, complaints and advice from our members.

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