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It Happens Every Day…

I have to say, this story was gripping.

I received this recommendation from my husband, who found out about this book while at a round table meet-up in the city for authors and readers and such bookish types involved in the “book business”.

This is the story of a marriage that is torn apart at the seams. It is told in a sort of running story, where the author recalls situations that, in hind sight, might have given her some clues that he marriage was not what it seemed to be.

By the end of the book, I found myself wanting more of the story- how are they both doing now? How are the children doing after such an ordeal? Are her ex-husband and his mistress still together? It was like a car crash- you know you shouldn’t be looking, but it is too interesting to look away.

I hope that she will write more in the future.


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