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Cure for the Common Life.

OK, so I have been trying to really branch out from the norm- My intentions for this challenge are to broaden my horizons. I want to read books that I would never have read on my own. I want to learn things from the books that I read and I want to feel a little bit better for reading them.

That is how I found this book. I started audio booking it with my husband on a long car ride, but once the author said God 10 times in less than one minute, we turned it off and listened to music instead.

My husband was going to return it to the library, but I just had to listen to it. I wanted to know what he had to say- and I was glad that I did.

This book talks about living in your sweet spot. It encourages us to go after what we want, and be all that we can be. I enjoyed the stories that the author told, and although a lot of it had to do with God, a lot of it was just about being a person and how to make the best of your life.

I would be interested in reading another one of his books if he were to come out with one, especially if he has more stories. I enjoyed them.


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