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On the Subject of Kindness…


So when I started this challenge, I promised myself that I would test the boundaries of the types of books that I like to read. And this book definitely tested my boundaries.

The book started out giving the history of kindness. Where it all began, way back when the world was a much simpler place. I thought that might have been the opening chapter or so. But no- it kept on giving the history of kindness. It never formed any concrete conclusions on why we should be kind or offer any thoughts on what it means to be a kind person in todays society. Since I work in a job that requires me to be kind, caring, and understanding of other people, I thought it might shed some light on the meaning of kindness as it pertains to modern time, but nope. Just cold, hard facts.

All in all, the book was a bit dry for my taste. Too many facts and not enough feeling in this book. I think that I will stick to genre’s that I know that I enjoy to read in the future.


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By Melephant
On February 19, 2010
At 12:22 pm
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