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Stumbling on Happiness…


I audio booked this one, even though it was sitting on my husbands bookshelf for the past few years and hasn’t been touched by either of us. I knew that we were going to be going for a long drive- we drove down to New Hope to tour some of the wineries down there- and that we were in need of a new book, so I rented it from our local library. Although we started listening to the book together, my husband got to finish it first and then I listened to the rest of it.

I have been intending to 1) read more books that teach me something as well as 2) rent more books from the library. I have accomplished both tasks with this read.

While the subject matter was extremely interesting to me, the author focuses a lot on the fact that as humans, we are unable to predict the future- even though we attempt to do this on a daily basis. The author goes on to say that we make our decisions based on if it will offer us “happiness” in the future.

I agree with a lot of the statements in this book, but at times found myself tuning out the stats that he posed to back up his ideas. But all in all, I enjoyed this audio book.


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