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Dear John…

dearjohnI Audio booked this one while driving to and from work.

In the past, I really enjoyed books by Nicholas Sparks. The first book I ever read by him was The Notebook- I picked it up from a used bookstore for, like, a quarter because it had a sticker covering the entire cover of the book and was in pretty bad shape. So I brought it home and read it in one sitting. I absolutely loved it! I started telling all of my friends that they had to go out and read this books right now! Go! Now! What are you waiting for?!?

Then one of my friends told me that Nicholas Sparks was in fact a Bestselling Author! I was floored. I mean, I knew that the book was amazing and all, but really? And why had I never heard of him before?

From there, I went on to read all of his other books. I enjoyed The Rescue almost as much as The Notebook. But then I started to realize that his books were, well, kind of all the same idea, just stated in a different way. I still loved the stories, but they didn’t hold the same magic as they once had.

Then I started watching the movies based on the books, and I was upset by how the movie portrayed the characters that I saw in my minds eye as opposed to the characters that they were trying to pull off that were in the book.

I picked up this audio book with an open mind, and thought that it might get me back to where I was when I first started reading Nicholas Sparks. I haven’t picked up any of his books in well over a year. Boy, was I wrong.

At first, I couldn’t get over the accent of the reader. He had a southern accent that was very hard to understand at times, and it started to make me angry. I felt myself turning off the audio book and opting for the ::gasp:: radio instead after a long day at work because I felt that I couldn’t pay attention to the story.

I also felt that the book was a bit too long- or, I should say, redundant.

I just realized today, while I was searching for a picture for my blog, that they are going to be making this book into a movie. In this case, the movie might actually be better than the book.


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