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It’s All Too Much…

Its-all-too-much-smOK, so I haven’t actually read this book yet, but I had this overwhelming feeling to blog about it before reading it.

My friends and I joke about someone calling one of those “de-clutter your house” TV shows on TLC so that they may help me throw out some of my books/yarn/clothes. Don’t get me wrong- I do not have a dirty house. But it is cluttered. I have a library in which I keep all of (OK, most of) my books, but the shelves are starting to overflow with books/pictures/mementos.

So now I might actually be able to de-clutter my house all by myself! Yay!

My husband is going to be soooo happy when he sees me reading this book. I am requesting it right now from the library, love!

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By Melephant
On January 11, 2010
At 1:17 pm
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