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Instant Love…

imps_InstantLoveInstant Love- what a concept.

I am not quite sure how I heard about this book, more an intertwining collection of stories than a novel. I think I may have heard a review about it somewhere that peeked my interest, and that was it- I was hooked.

Jami Attenberg takes the essence of what it is to love someone and be loved by someone and makes you feel empathy for the characters in her stories.

While I enjoyed the intertwining stories, I felt at times lost and at other times confused by what was going on. I was wondering why some characters were mentioned in some stories in which that had nothing to do with the plot of the story and gave no insight into the story. I think that at times she tried too hard to intertwine the stories, when they might have been better as a collection of short stories instead.

All in all, it was an entertaining book, and I would like to read her newest novel, The Melting Season, when it comes out this month.


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By Melephant
On January 3, 2010
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