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Art Imitates Life Imitates Art…

Very frequently I will read a book that hits home for some reason or another… But very infrequently will the book hit home because it imitates my current life.


This week, I recommend reading All That Matters by Jan Goldstein. It is a beautiful story about what really matters in life- not the amount of money that one has, not in the things that they possess, but in the connections that are made and the bonds that we form. Whether it is with our blood family or the family we choose, life is all about forming bonds and making memories.

This past week, I lost someone very close to me. They chose to keep their illness a secret and suffer through the end alone. However hard that is to understand, I know that I will never forget the memories that we made or the times that we shared, however brief.

In this story of love and loss, an elderly grandmother comes through for her granddaughter and teahes her what life is really all about. In the end, we find that through loss, we may also find love, however unexpected.

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On July 1, 2009
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