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Celebrity Detox


I have always loved Rosie O’Donnell. I think that she is an amazing person that genuinely cares for people and the greater good of society. I wish that her show was still on the air. However, I am not one to watch much TV, nor am I one to follow the media about what is going on in the entertainment world. I didn’t know a lot of the things that happened in this book prior to reading it, so it definitely opened my eyes to what was going on.

I am sure that everyone remembers the fight between Rosie and Donald Trump which occurred while Rosie was on The View. But I never knew how everyone reacted to what happened. This book shares the details of that situation as well as sharing a bit about why Rosie stopped doing her show. It was an interesting read.


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By Melephant
On May 19, 2010
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It’s All Too Much!!!

Its-all-too-much-smI have to admit- I didn’t think I could do it. I have always been the queen of clutter. I have things everywhere in my house and I always have. I come from a long line of clutterers. My mother is a closet clutterer, and my grandmother is a newspaper clutterer. I still get newspaper clippings in the mail that pertain to some part of my life. So when I saw this book, I was like “wow, they understand!”

I started using some of the advice that they give in this book- from the simple things like putting things away every day to the more difficult ones like getting rid of 2 things in your closet when you buy 1 new one.

Suffice to say, my house is looking less cluttered by the week. I still can’t seem to find enough room for all of my shoes, or all of my books, but that is a whole different thing. I like how this book kind of breaks things down for the reader and gives simple things that you can do every day. I would certainly be interested in his other books as well.


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