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Sorry, I Don’t Have Any Matches.


I picked up this book from the library on my way to work one day. It caught my attention because it was a story that was read on NPR by the Author. What an interesting concept.

Gregory Maguire also wrote Wicked, which I keep meaning to pick up again and finish. I enjoy his writing style, and this was no exception.

I read this story aloud before bed with my husband for 2 nights. It was a nice retelling of the classic story, with a very nice twist in the end.


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Now Where Did I Put That Symbol…?


I might be one of the only people that actually enjoyed this book for what it was- purely entertainment.

In reading some of the reviews on Dan Brown’s new book, I realized that way too many people take his books way too seriously. He is a fiction author, people. That means he writes fiction. Get it? Good. Do I really believe that this story is in any way true? No- it is fictional. I got that part. So now lets move on.

The story is entertaining and fast paced. As always, Dan Brown offers a nice reprieve from everyday life with a good story.

I was on the library waiting list for this book for months, and I have to say, it was worth the wait.


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Mr. and Mrs. Happy.


So as part of this challenge, I wanted to read more books that would help me learn things and grow. This was the first book that I finished that can go into that category.

However, it read more like a story than a self help book.

It was entertaining and at times laugh out loud funny. I audiobooked it while driving. I enjoyed the way he told the stories, and at the end, his wife would interject with either her take on the situation or with corrections to the story.


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The Girl Next Door.


The book is actually only the second one that I have read of this author, although I really enjoyed this one as well as the first.

While this book reminded me a lot of One Fifth Ave by Candace Bushnell, which I also am still enjoying on my Kindle, it had a lot of its own flair as well.

It tells the story of several different families that live in an apartment building in NYC. Its main focus is on a transplant from the UK, who finds herself moving to the city because of her husbands job.

My favorite part of the while book was her older friend and how she looked back on her life and told an intertwining story of her own love.

I need to read all of the rest of her books now!


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Look on the Bright Side…

bright-side-cov-450This was a cute story.

All in all, I enjoyed the story and it reminded me of why I like chick lit so much.

The main character angered me a little bit in one part of the book, though, and I felt as if she could have handled the situations a little better- but hey, it is all just fictional, so I guess it is all right.

I can’t wait to see what else this author wrote!


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Life Has Been a Bit… Busy.

I haven’t written in quite sometime- which is very unlike me…

My life has been one crazy, hectic roller coaster ride these past few weeks.

Besides work being crazy busy and picking up extra shifts in the ER, I also started substitute nursing for my local school district again. On top of that, I am doing more improv shows than ever- I am also an improv actress BTW. Yeah, I know, what don’t I do?

So between work, work, and work, I haven’t had much time off to sit down and read or write about my reading.

hospitalThen this past weekend, my grandmother ended up in the hospital with a pretty bad pneumonia which progressed to a pleural effusion (infection that gets in between the pleural space and causes the lung to collapse). On top of that, she was in a hospital that could not handle the procedure that she needed at the time, so they transferred her to another hospital in New York.

The new hospital put down the name of the wrong doctor- instead of consulting a thoracic surgeon, they consulted a plastic surgeon. Yeah, I know, what were they thinking? So of course, I tried to transfer her to my hospital, where there are competent nurses and doctors. But we were full- completely full, no beds even for the patients that were hanging out in my ER. So she stayed at the other hospital…

She went into surgery late Wednesday night, and although the surgery went well, she was extubated too early and had to be re-intubated. Imagine explaining to your 75 year old grandmother that these things do happen sometimes. She doesn’t want to hear it from me.

So she remains in the surgical ICU for now, where she has a chest tube draining pleural fluid. She was extubated yesterday, but is not a happy camper. She is sore everywhere and does not understand what they are doing to her. It is not easy to watch your grandmother in pain, nor is it easy to explain to her what everyone is doing when she just wants to feel better.

Sometimes working in medicine makes it harder to see your loved ones sick because you know too much about what is going on. Although, I have to say, I have a new understanding of what it is like to be on the other side of the care. And it is not easy…

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