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Immi in NYC

I had the chance to meet one of the most amazing musical artists this afternoon- Imogen Heap. So I have been in love with her for a few years now, ever since I first heard her in my friends car on the way to the beach one summer. The song was on a little known album called “I Megaphone” which came out in 2000. The song was “Come Here Boy” and it made me happy. A little bit after that, my husband, who was then just my friend, gave me a mixed CD of her music. I was instantly hooked…

I went to see her with 2 good friends when she came to The Electric Factory in Philly some years back, and it was an awesome experience. I love her music soo much. The show was everything I wanted it to be and more. She had an amazing presence on the stage, and her music was amazing live, to watch her set up a song and go from one line to a beautifully put together song was so much fun.

What followed the concert was years of trying to find more of her music. I am happy to announce that she just out out a new album this month, which means that she will be touring in the states again! YAY! I can’t wait!

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By Melephant
On August 25, 2009
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From the City to the Sticks…

OK, so for those of you that know me, you know that I am a city girl… I love my malls, and can’t live without at least 1 Starbucks within a 5 minute drive from home. But did you also know that I spent about a year of my life living on a farm? I bet you can’t picture that!

But its true!

I spent the year following nursing school living with one of my dear friends Cathy in middle of No-wheres-ville (southern NJ) on a farm. That is why, when I found this book- Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl- I couldn’t help but start to read. And I haven’t stopped once!


For anyone that has ever lived on a farm, or even visited one, this tale of Tractor Supply vs. Target, Farm Auctions vs. Fashion Shows, is sure to get you laughing.

So get out your lucky pair of overalls and make yourself a farm fresh omelet, this is one book that will have you laughing about the differences in city vs. country until goat milk comes out of your nose!

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On August 5, 2009
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